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Our classrooms are split up based on the age of the children in them.  Each classroom is taught by trained caring teachers and is set up for play-based learning.  Each day is structured to ensure growth physically, cognitively and socially.

Caterpillar Room

Ones and Twos

Our caterpillar room is open to toddlers who have passed their first birthday and are walking. In this classroom, Ms. Mary, Ms. Nichole, and Ms. Samantha will help guide your child’s discovery through the power of play.  We work on helping develop your child's social and emotional skills through learning activities including group play, circle time songs and books, arts and crafts, sensory experiences,fine motor activities and through constant communication to help build your child's vocabulary. Children also have scheduled large motor time where they have the space to practice their gross motor skills such as running and climbing in a safe, enclosed, age appropriate environment. This classroom maintains a 1:4 teacher/child ratio with a maximum group size of 8.

Butterfly Room

Twos and Threes

​Our butterfly room is available for half-day and full-day preschoolers. In this classroom, Ms. Lindsey will expand on center based play, while allowing for development of self help skills. Children will learn to socialize and problem solve as well as communicate with peers.  Your child will be learning the developmental tasks of separating from home, sharing, and learning to switch between tasks. Cognitive development will be enhanced through experiential type activities involving the five senses. Activities provide opportunities for exploration through dramatic play, developmentally appropriate  learning toys, blocks, games, art activities, and beginning math and science activities. This classroom maintains a 1:8 teacher/child ratio with a maximum group size of 8. 

Giraffe Room


Our parrot classroom is for half-day and full-day preschool children.  Ms. Aftynne and Ms. Samantha will help your children express themselves through building, art, music, movement, language and dramatic play. We think it is important to help each child feel his needs are being met while respecting the needs of others.  Because each child develops at a slightly different rate, the teachers in this classroom provide group activities but still strive to meet each child's needs individually. The classroom keeps preschool learning activities fun, exciting, and developmentally appropriate and hands on through play. Our preschool classroom is equipped with developmentally appropriate materials and equipment to enable the children to learn and grow. This class will work on academics as well as independence and social/emotional well being. This classroom maintains a 1:10 teacher/child ratio with a maximum class size of 16.

Parrot Room


Our giraffe room is for full-day preschoolers. In this classroom, Ms. Bailey and Ms. Angelic will provide a variety of activities allowing for the freedom to explore and experiment, a safe environment in which to make mistakes, and engaging topics to get involved in. Children of this age benefit from a combination of individual, shared, and teacher-led activities. We provide creative literacy experiences that encourage exploration, writing, and reading, as well as plenty of time to explore, play, and experiment. For learning to occur, it takes time and repetition. Children learn as they engage in sustained amounts of play and exploration. Our goal is to provide a safe hands-on learning environment for children. When children feel safe, they feel comfortable enough to explore and learn. As a pre-Kindergarten class, we also focus on Kindergarten Readiness; this includes academics as well as independence and social/emotional well being. This classroom maintains a 1:10 teacher/child ratio with a maximum class size of 16.


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